How do you make disciples?

Here's our answer.


Let's begin with Jesus...

what did He mean?

Put yourself in the sandals of the disciples for a minute. You followed Jesus for several years. You saw His miracles, worshiped Him as king, witnessed the cross, were amazed at the resurrection, and experienced His love. Now He stands before you tells you to make disciples. What would be going through your mind? What was He expecting?

Jesus' disciples most likely thought that He was expecting them to do for others what He had done for them over the previous few years...

Principles from Jesus on Making Disciples




We use Discovery Bible Study (DBS) as a means to apply the principles we see in how Jesus made disciples. This method is simple and reproducible. Let's take a deeper look at how each aspect creates opportunities to live out the components of discipleship modeled by Jesus.



Method+discipleship Essentials

We add to the DBS experience something we call the "DISCIPLESHIP ESSENTIALS." These are topics we've identified that are foundational when it comes to being a disciple of Jesus and making disciples. We provide a small library of videos that cover each topic. The leader of the DBS can use these as a resource to highlight essential points during the DBS. These "essentials" include the following:



How does multiplication happen?

It really begins with experiencing the Lord together in community. This gives you a picture of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. It also gives a vision of how to lead others in following Jesus.

After watching the facilitator for a matter of weeks it will then be your turn to lead. You can practice among trusted friends and see how simple this really is.

Everyone in the group identifies people within their relational network that either do not know Jesus or are younger in the faith. Regular prayer for these people is the foundation for having an influence in their lives that is truly Spirit-led.

Not everyone is an evangelist. Not everyone is good at shepherding people. This is why we take time to assess how God has equipped each person in the group. The idea is to work together using one anothers' gifts to reach out together. We take an inventory of the various talents, skills, personality traits, and spiritual gifts of those in the group. We also use the APEST assessment. Then we think through the needs of those we have been praying for and seek ways to share the love of Christ with them.

As the Spirit provides opportunities to share the love of Christ, spiritual conversations naturally happen. These conversations will reveal how receptive people are to Jesus. For those that are open to learning more about Him - another DBS is initiated.

After much prayer and sharing the love of Christ, its time to intiate a second DBS. Rinse, repeat.